Temple Management and Facilities :


For the management and safety inside the temple, the trust has appointed a priest , a manager and a security guard ( Rtd. Army man) .

In the temple campus itself, a water hut,toilet and a garden have been developed. For the facility of the tourists, the Panchal Samaj huge Dharmshala and built a water tank of 1000 gallon capacity. Along with this a pantry is also built.

In the east of the road, opposite to the temple, the trust has its 37.15 bigha agricultural land for irrigation where a pakka well has also been constructed.

For the safty of the agricultural land,the trust has built a 3000 ft long wall around it. On the north west end of it 15 bigha land in allotted safely for a garden and parking space. On the eastern side of the temple stand shops selling articles of worship and offerings.