About Banswara

Structure of the shrine of Goddess Tripura :


The shrine of the goddess on its lion steed ‘Bhagvati Tripura Sundari’ is a statue with Eighteen arms. The huge eight armed shrine of 5 ft. , wields a variety of weapons. The winter images of the nine Durga are inscribed in the background of the main shrine. At the holy feet of the goddess is built a ‘ Shri Yantra’ known for its mystical powers. The goddess in her three different forms such as that of a lion, peacock and seated on a lotus, gives appearance as ‘Kumarika’ , a lass, in the morning; that of an attractive and full bloomed young maid in the mid day, and a complete adult woman in the evening; which is why she is called ‘Tripura Sundari’.Sitting before the mystifying shrine of great beauty and justre, the visitors get absorbed in endlessly for hours.


Elemental forms of goddess Tripura :


The intellectuals see the goddess who is the bestouer of her bliss in two forms – corporal and spiritual. There are followers and worshippers of both the forms of the goddess.


History of the development and establishment of the temple :


Although historical evidence of the period of the construction of the temple is not available, by an inscription found in this region dating back to Vikram Samvat 1540. it is estimated that this temple precedes the period of the ruler Kanishk. They used to be a large town near by named Godpoli, in the region of which were three fourth namely: Sitapuri , Shivpuri and Vishnupuri. There is mention of the word ‘Triumari’ in the inscription found. The temple of the goddess being situated amidst these three forth gives it the name of Tripura. In the period of princely states the king Banswara, Dungarpur,Gujarat and Malwa region and Marwar were great devotees of the goddess Tripura Sundari.