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Surrounded by the Aravali hills of the southern Rajasthan and amidst the region full of rivers, ponds and nature’s beautiful velly, is the place called Banswara. This Vagad region of Rajasthan has been a religious place since very ancient times. Banswara is refereed to as mini Kashi. Here there are innumerable famous ancient temples of various gods and goddesses which, for their architecture, sculpture and magnificence have acquired fame not only in the entire state but all over India.

The Vagad region has been the traditional holy place. Its mention is found in SCUNDPURAN as ‘Gupta Pradesh’ , in the inscription of Raja Bhoj as ‘Sthali Mandal’And in the Puranas as ‘Kumarika khand and ‘Vaguri Kshtra’. The Mahi river that flows through this region has been called as ‘Kalyugi Mahi Ganga’ In the Puranas. The Saints and Sages have given description of the great beauty of the confluence of the three rivers that meet in this motherland region and considered it a

Matter of grandeur and pride to have holy dip in the river Mahi. Among the many heritage temples of Banswara that fall in the sacred region of the river Mahi, the temple Jagjanani of goddess Tripura Sundari which is situated 20 kms away from Banswara headquarters near Talwara village is known for its magnificence. In the beginning it was known by the name of Tartai Mata. The invirons of the temple are very elegant,tranquil, Awakened and good for sightseeing. Here pilgrims visit every year from Rajasthan and neighbourhood states Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh for the darshan of the goddess and have their wishes fulfilled. This place is one of the chief temples in Rajasthan.